Ibandronate (Boniva)

Oral Ibandronate (Boniva)

Oral ibandronate was denied to Formulary and is denied for patients to use their own supply because of the stringent requirements (must be fully upright and avoid food and beverage for 30 minutes) and reports of esophagitis. It was determined that interruption of therapy would not be detrimental.

Orders for oral ibandronate are discontinued by the pharmacist, and clarified:
"Boniva PO is discontinued while inpatient per Hospital/Medical staff policy. Do not give this medication. See website: http://employee.beaumont.edu/ibandronate."

Injectable Ibandronate (Boniva)

Ibandronate injection (Boniva) injection is permitted for use in the outpatient Infusion Center (Royal Oak- 1S Medical Short Stay) only, for treatment of post-menopausal osteoporosis. Ibandronate is the first injectable biphosphonate with FDA approved indication for treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. With IV administration, ibandronate appears effective at increasing bone mineral density, producing increases comparable to those observed with oral bisphosphonates. The benefit of ibandronate injection for patients is an alternative to oral bisphosphonates for treatment of osteoporosis in patients unable to comply with the requirement to stand or sit upright following administration of oral bisphosphonates or experiencing intolerable GI adverse reactions (esophagitis, esophageal or gastric ulcer).

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee approval- July 2006 Medical Care Evaluation Committee approval- September 2006 Medical Executive Board approval- September 2006

Committee Approvals

The Pharmacy & Therapeutics CommitteeAPR 2005
Medical Care Evaluation CommitteeMAY 2005
Medical Executive BoardMAY 2005